The Listening Booth

is a place to sit back, turn off the lights, turn on your imagination, and get lost in some great old shows. Shows change on a bi-weekly basis, usually late Saturday night. Serials, when they are posted, are updated weekly, usually in one-hour instalments, but each episode remains in the Listening Booth for two weeks. Sometimes I'll add a little music to the mix. Music is just as much a part of Old Time Radio as is Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Horror, and Sci-Fi. Unfortunately, while most Old Time Radio shows are in the public domain, most music is not. So I will restrict myself to music recorded before 1939 --- 78s... 45s... maybe some old cylinder recordings.

next update around: 25 Nov 2017

"The Crystaline Man" - Macabre (1962) - mp3, 54.6 MiB, 256 kbps.

"Shiddah and Kuziba" - The Black Mass (1964) - mp3, 12.8 MiB, 128 kbps.

On YouTube - The Mindwebs Project - OTR Plot Spot

"The Fog Horn" - by Ray Bradbury (1975) - streaming

Mindwebs Music - playlist of featured music

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Request Policy

I will be more than happy to play any one request in the Listening Booth, or post it privately on a hidden page. However, if you would like to request more than one half-hour show, then it will require a contribution in the form of written reviews which I will post in the Plot Archives (some folks have offered money, but I neither sell shows, nor accept donations).

There is only 1 form of payment I do accept: Reviews.

1st requested show (1/2 hour) = Free

After that, 1 written review per every half-hour of show. (A one-hour show will cost you two reviews, etc.)
CBS Radio Mystery Theater shows (45 min long) will be treated as a half-hour show.

If you want something quite long, such as 'Fatherland', be prepared to do a lot of writing.

This may seem like an odd policy, but I have been inundated lately with requests for multiple shows, and simply do not have the time to fulfil them all. Many of these requests have to be hunted down if they are not in my collection, which sucks up more time and even money, as I pay for FTP subscriptions which charge by how much I download from them. Thus, I am using up my paid access for nothing in return. Not a big deal when it comes to a request here and there, but as the site has become more popular, it has become an untenable situation.

Thanks for your patronage and understanding.

Rick Hurdle, webmaster