Episode-by-Episode Guide

to radio series from 1930 to the present... including plot summaries, reviews, brief histories, themes, cross-referencing, and fan comments. To catalogue all the plots for all the thousands of OTR series ever produced would take an army (which I can't afford), so I have confined myself to those series and genres which I enjoy most: namely Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror/Thriller, and Action/Adventure... with some straight-up Drama thrown in for good measure.

The Overview page provides an easy-to-visualize table, broken down by genre and decade, showing all the series that fit the format of this site. The Series Index page contains the same list of programmes, but the list is alphabetized and includes a brief summary of each series. The Miscellaneous Shows page is devoted to independent productions, series too short-lived to warrant an archive of their own, and episodes which fall within the scope of this site from series that generally do not.

Currently this archive contains 2,136 plotlines and 1,354 reviews

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